Technical Assistance for Customer-Sited Rural Biomass Energy Projects in NYS

Technical Assistance for Customer-Sited Rural Biomass Energy Projects in New York State supports private biomass projects in the state that have already moved past the “concept” phase, but have not been developed to the point that they can attract investment capital and finance. This is not a grant or loan program. Selected projects will receive engineering and economic feasibility technical assistance focusing on engineering and economic issues in project design. In most cases, both an engineering and a financial consultant will be assigned to provide technical assistance and expertise. As examples, assistance may be provided for evaluating the economics of energy production and consumption, insight into crop handling, logistics at a scale larger than a single farm enterprise, or understanding of fuel combustion and heat transfer technology.
Entrepreneurs of developing projects will benefit from the interaction with, and insights of, experienced engineering and financial specialists. After project analysis has been completed, they will receive reports that will identify barriers that remain to be solved before their projects are able to attract outside financing. An analysis may indicate that the project can be profitable, without additional technological development or changes in market conditions. In such a case, the report will provide specifics that the entrepreneurs can use to support applications for financing and loan guarantees.


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